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Current Affairs 9 April

World News:


Russia-Ukraine War News: Russian Missile Strike Kills Dozens at Kramatorsk Train Station


Biden Plan to Combat Inflation with U.S. Manufacturing Faces Skepticism


Amara Omeokwe

LyrArc Article Gist
The skepticism from US economists for Biden’s efforts to boost US manufacturing coming from the same economists who thought it did not matter if US workers made the products that were used in the US. As if Made in USA did not matter. As if Made in India or Made in Germany did not matter. As if creating jobs at home or in other countries made no difference. At the same time as US or companies in India and Vietnam, other countries in Asia or European Union ramp up their efforts for shorte …

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Blue-Collar Workers Make the Leap to Tech Jobs, No College Degree Necessary


Vanessa Fuhrmans, Kathryn Dill

LyrArc Article Gist
Tech jobs are opening up for blue collar workers without a college degree as companies loosen requirements, in  the effort to find new workers.

Four Million Dead Chickens Tell Grim Story of Ukrainian Farm


Alistair Mac Donald, Georgi Kantchev


Alistair Mac Donald, Patrick Thomas

One Woman’s Frantic Search for Relatives in Ukraine: ‘I Still Don’t Know if My Family Is Alive’


Dan Frosch, Ian Lovett

Former Goldman Sachs Banker Convicted of Bribery, Money-Laundering in 1MDB Case


James Fanelli

Shanghai’s Omicron Outbreak Corners Chinese Leader


Lingling Wei, Stella Yifan Xie, Natasha Khan

The Editorial Board

LyrArc Article Gist
A recent WSJ report on the miscalculations on all sides on Ukraine show the errors by presidents Bush and Obama and German chancellor Merkel that created the situation that led to war in Ukraine- Ukraine not outside or inside but somewhere in the middle for joining NATO. This WSJ editorial says Obama policies reinforced by Angela Merkel’s policies as four term German chancellor is one reason Mr. Putin was emboldened to launch the invasion of Ukraine. 

Looking even furt …

Britons urged to measure waist and height in battle against obesity

Eleanor Hayward, Health Correspondent

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence in the UK is urging adults to use a tape measure to check that their waist circumference does not exceed half their height. Other BMI guidelines do not provide an accurate measure of body fat and other ways are needed. Waist and height measure are “simple and effective” way to know if someone is overweight, says NICE. Today a majority of people in UK between 45 and 74 years are overweight. This is true in many parts of the …

‘Man City get their hands dirty to edge Atletico’

LyrArc Article Gist
Phil Foden and Kevin DeBruyne find a way through Atletico Madrid’s defense as Manchester City prevail.

The tiny margins separating Man City and Liverpool

Ukraine War: Kremlin spokesman Peskov admits ‘significant’ Russian losses

Russia’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told British channel Sky News “the casualties in Ukraine were a huge tragedy for us.” He said Russia “suffered significant losses of troops” in the Ukraine invasion. He said he hoped Russia would achieve its goals in the coming days.

The US Senate has voted unanimously to remove Russia’s most favored nation status in trade. This opens the door to new tariffs and import controls on platinum, chemicals, iron and steel. …

Ukraine braces for a renewed Russian offensive on its eastern front – as it happened

Martin Belam, Léonie Chao Fong, Joanna Walters, Maanvi Singh, Samantha Lock, Kari Paul, Dan Sabbagh, Jenn Selby, Oliver Holmes, Helena Smith

Opinion | How Germany Became Putin’s Enabler

German industry says a complete shutoff of Russian gas to Germany would be catastrophic. Paul Krugman, an expert on international economics, looks at it in this NYT report. He says estimates show a worst case scenario drop of 2.1% in GDP for Germany to shutoff Russian supplies of energy. This estimate is from ECONtribute a thinktank from the Universities of Bonn and Cologne. This reluctance says Krugman to take the tough decisions such as turning off Russian energy supplies prolon …

New York Toughens Bail Law in $220 Billion Budget Agreement

 New York Governor Hochul’s new budget includes billions for child care funding, a top priority for state Democrats. New federal funding helped fund the social priorities.

Germany presents new Ukraine-accelerated renewables plan | DW | 06.04.2022

Germany accelerates its shift to renewable energy with a goal of 80% of energy coming from renewables by 2030, up from 41% today. This is seen as the biggest comprehensive energy package in 2 decades by the Green Party, which is part of the coalition government. There is now a new urgency for renewable energy for the first time.

How India is pushing for the return of stolen artifacts | DW | 07.04.2022

Germany agrees €2 billion in financial support for Ukrainian refugees | DW | 07.04.2022

Leaders of Germany’s federal states agreed on cost sharing to settle refugees from Ukraine. Chancellor Scholz said that Germany will provide $2 billion in federal aid to German states for accomodating and integrating Ukrainian refugees.  Refugees from Germany will be able to receive basic welfare benefits similar to the welfare aid received by Germans of 400 euros per month under Hartz welfare program. By integrating them into Germany’s social security system the refugees can i …

At a time of high inflation and food scarcity, the chancellor Rishi Sunak’s wife’s non-dom status breaches no law but sends a divisive social message, says this opinion in The Guardian. This is also because taxes are the only way for governments- whether Tory or Labor it is the same for all- to fund social benefits, social infrastructure and physical infrastructure, on which the real quality of all of our lives ultimately depends.
Omicron variant does cause different symptoms from Delta, study finds

Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed as First Black Woman on Supreme Court

Lindsay Wise, Jess Bravin

Ketanji Jackson is confirmed by the US Senate 53 to 47 as US Supreme Court Justice. She takes the place of Justice Breyer who retires this year. This leaves the Supreme Court at 6 conservatives to 3 liberal members of the court, favoring conservatives following appointments by president Trump.

Horrors of Ukraine’s Bucha Laid Bare on Yablunska Street

Brett Forrest, James Marson / Photographs By Emanuele Satolli For The Wall Street Journal

This WSJ report takes a look at Bucha, a town 55 kilimetres from Kviv, that saw some of the worst fighting of the war. Civilians were caught in the crossfire and after the initial Russian assault was pushed back, Russia occupied the town with another assault before being pushed out. This report in WSJ says Russian soldiers were initially polite and helped residents. As their casualites grew, and as Ukraine’s territorial defense forces took up the fight in Bucha the dividing line be …

U.S. Takes First Enforcement Actions Against Alleged Violators of Russia Export Controls

Strict enforcement actions taken by the US to enforce sweeping restrictions on the export of technology and industrial goods to Russia ,and any foreign countries who seek to help circumvent the action taken to undemine the Russian defense and technology industries. Airlines in Russia, Aeroflot, Azur Air, and UTair are denied access to US made parts or to receive services anywhere in the world including refueling. The actions would apply to China and other countries if they circumvent contro …

Pakistan’s top court rules against PM Imran Khan, orders Parliament restored | DW | 07.04.2022

source:LyrArc Article Gist


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