Soft Skills


In today’s world, it has become imperative to sharpen one’s skills, and more importantly, one’s soft skills. Possessing Soft skill has become indispensable for a student at any level to be considered for selection whether in School/college competitions or at a forum representing the institution. This helps the students in enhancing their personality and compatibility thereby enabling them to be successful in their endeavors. To be successful soft skills play a very vital role which should be inculcated at a very young age, but the importance of its training at various levels cannot be set aside.

In Alfa Metis the method of imparting soft skill training will include lectures, projects, role plays, quizzes, and various other participatory sessions. The emphasis will be on learning by doing.

Aim: Aim of such programs is that the students should be able to Develop:

  • Communication and language skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Confidence
  • Team Management & Leadership skills
  • Attitudes, values, beliefs, motivation, desires, feelings, eagerness to learn, willingness to share and embrace new ideas, goal orientation, flexibility, persuasion, futuristic thinking, diplomacy, manners and etiquette
  • Response to emerging situations diligently and responsibly.
  • Personality Development

 Objective: To enhance capability of students to gain easy accessibility into highly competitive professional environment.

SyllabusSoft skill program will be conducted as follows:

Unit I   : COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Communication System , Verbal & Non-Verbal

Communication,  Speaking & Listening Skills.

Unit II  : SELF ANALYSIS – Self Introduction , SWOT Analysis, Who am I, Importance

of Self Confidence, Hobbies & Interests

Unit III : MOTIVATION – Factors of motivation, self talk, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivators,

famous Personalities

Unit IV : GOAL SETTING – Smart career Goals ,Wish List, SMART Goals, success,

Short Term, Long Term, Life Time Goals. Time Management Value of time,

Diagnosing Time Management, Weekly Planner To do list,  Prioritizing work.

Unit V :  Body Language & Grooming Skills

Unit VI:  CREATIVITY- Out of box thinking, Problem Solving Skills

Unit VII:  Leadership Qualities